Maral Group: copper pipes. Made to measure.

The Maral Group manufactures copper and iron pipes and offers a full range of products for heating and cooling applications. The range includes evaporators, manifolds, coils, fittings, distributors as well as exchangers, suction unit assemblies, condenser assemblies and fancoil kits, among other products. All of them custom-made to meet our clients’ needs. The Maral Group manufactures copper and iron pipes ranging from Ø3 mm up to Ø54 mm to be able to satisfy every market demand and every client’s need. Being this flexible, as flexible, quick and efficient Maral’s service is, has turned the company into the market benchmark for clients in the plumbing and sanitary installation sector or the heating and cooling industry who are looking for copper and iron pipes made in a short time and caring for details.


Copper pipes: Maral Group scores + 20% exports to Germany.

A good start into the New Year for the Maral Group. Exports to Germany have increased and after adding two more German companies to its client portfolio, Maral expands supplies by 20%. The Maral Group, a specialist in the manufacture of copper and iron components for heating and cooling systems, has strengthened its position in the German market. The entire copper sector- evaporators, manifolds, fittings, distributors, coils and exchangers- has boomed. “We are satisfied with the results achieved- says Marco Fasso, co-owner. They are proof of the painstaking care we take when we manufacture our copper pipes, and the service we provide, which knows what the heating and cooling industry needs, also at an international level. The core of our work is not just to get seamless welds or to supply large volumes of copper and iron pieces. It is, above all, the ability to communicate with our clients and to provide an efficient service.”


The new Maral website is on-line! High-impact images, vivid artwork and readily accessible data.

As vividly and readily as we want to communicate with our customers and suppliers, both personally and via Internet.
From manifolds to coils, from evaporators to pipes and fittings: A full range of iron and copper components for heating and cooling applications just a click away!
You will also find exclusive on-line services that will make your and our work alike quicker and more efficient.

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Upon request, we manufacture assemblies for suction units and condensers and fancoil kits.

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