• All the flexibility
    of metals

    From copper to iron, thus putting at the center the service, the flexibility given by a family, the quality that characterizes every job faster and timing in line with the most dynamic markets.

  • We always start
    from a project

    In addition to the products that Maral manufactures mainly on order, its CAD/CAM design skill is made available to the Customer, autonomously or in strict cooperation with its ordering customers. Therefore, a complete 360° service is offered that starts with the analysis of the product, its design, study of the production process, the realisation, and delivery to the Customer, all in full compliance with the adopted quality standards.

  • A solution for every need

    The service is first tailoring: Maral listens and interprets all the diverse needs of its customers and each gives the answer that is expected from the production of committed to collaborative design, the timing just in time to the quality of excellence obtained by the constant supervision of every process.

  • The certifications
    are not enough

    Maral is certified with the Quality System UNI / EN ISO 9001/2008, while his braizers are qualified and certified UNI / EN 13133. All this to company standards is not enough: every job is supervised and checked by the attention that only the passion and dedication of a family company can provide.


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