• An answer for every need

  • All the flexibility of metals

  • In skating over thin ice,
    our safety is in our speed.

    Ralph Waldo Emerson

Traceability of orders, order, efficiency, strict controls, cutting-edge technology and compliance with just-in-time deadlines.


In addition to Maral products –mainly on order– the customer is provided with CAD/CAM design skills independently or in close collaboration.

A complete service is thus offered: it begins with the analysis of the product, its design, the study of the manufacturing process, the creation and delivery. All these stages comply with the quality standards.


The service is customized. Maral listens and interprets all the customers’ needs and gives them the answer they expect: from production to order to collaborative design, from just in time timing to the excellence thanks to the constant supervision of every processing.


Maral is certified with UNI/EN ISO 9001/2015 Quality system, while its brazers are UNI/EN 13585/2012 qualified and certified.

However, all this is not enough for company standards: each order is supervised and verified with the care that only the passion and dedication of a family business can guarantee.


Maral is a company established in 1995 and focused on Italian and foreign markets, specializing in the production of copper components for domestic and industrial air conditioning, air conditioning, refrigeration and heating systems.
The certified process and the use of management tools to track the product progress by batches ensure maximum safety in all the stages.

Industry 4.0 stems from the fourth industrial revolution, the process that will lead to fully automated and interconnected industrial production. It indicates a trend in industrial automation that integrates some new manufacturing technologies to improve working conditions, create new business models and increase both productivity and quality of the plants.